Unbelievably Satisfied
~Howard the Dent,San Diego, CA

"Saved myself nearly $1000 by having local tire store install sensors (vs MB dealership).
I was wary that they would not work because of the low price. I am really pleased with Titan TPMS.

WOW! What a savings!
~Johny Realtor, Los Angeles, CA

"Exact 2009 Honda CRV OEM TPMS sensors. Received with 4 sensors and 4 kits."

OEM Sensors
~Mike, Hot Springs, AR

"This is a perfect fit for my car and budget. I work at a dealership and they cost twice as much as these with my discount.
Thank you Titan TPMS, they work great!"

I would recommend this product
~Norm, Freeport, Digby

"This product is inexpensive, easy to install,and works very well. I am totally satisfied."

~Mad Dog Mike, Columbia Falls

"Saved a bunch of money ordering from Titan TPMS when ordering 4 TPMS Sensors as a set, delivered on time and as ordered."

Excellent product for the price

"Awesome!! They fit and no problem with them... great product and matches my rims..."

Great OEM alternative
~Chris H, San Diego, CA

"Great oem alternative. 4 sensors for the price of 1 OEM.
Drove the car twice and tpms was up and running with no problems. Perfect item. AAA+++"

315hz TPMS SENSORS for Mercedes
~Chief B, Midway, GA

"Best product for the cost."

Exceptional Quality & Exceptional Price
~Wakram, Dix Hills, NY

"I bought a TPMS Sensor Set for my 2005 Mercedes Benz after a lot of research. Titan TPMS has FREE Shipping and the best service. I was a little reluctant in buying, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that these TPMS Sensors worked perfectly out of the box and I had no issues. 4 of these sensors + shipping is priced better than one TPMS Sensor from dealer. Both, this site and product is highly recommended."

I would buy this part again!!!!
~Dave, Chilliwack, B.C

"My mechanic had no problems installing this part."

Audi S8 TPMS Sensors
~Cobra Commander, New Jersey

"My OEM set on my S8 were acting up and I couldn't see paying $160 a piece for factory replacements, these were just what the doctor ordered. Upon installation everything went back to normal and they were instantly calibrated with the vehicle."

Great Price
~Roadmaster, Andover, MA

"This set was more than $100 cheaper than buying a single sensor from my dealership. They worked perfectly from the get-go. The staff is easy to work with, and responsive to questions."

I would buy this product again
~Ed - 2007 Porsche, Stevenson Ranch

I got a quote of $1,200 from the Porsche dealer to replace all the TPMS sensors on my 2007 Porsche Boxster. I wanted OEM sensors and at $81 each, they were a bargain. I needed new rear tires, the tire store installed the sensors at no additional cost. They work! Thanks Titan TPMS! I saved $900!

2008 Boxter S TPMS Sensors
~Southern Boxter,Mandeville LA

"After talking with the Customer Service Rep, ordered the Sensors and they arrived in a few days. Had my friend who owns a tire store install the new sensors. After the learning cycle on the computer they work fine and saved me roughly $800 vs. having it done at the dealership. Thanks Titan!!!"

$800 Savings Compared to Dealership!
~2006 Porsche 91, Gig Harbor, WA

I replaced all four of the factory-installed TPMS sensors with these Titan Sensors, and they work just as well as the originals at one fourth of the cost!

Excellent value
~Vetman, PA

"Bought 2 sets of Titan TPMS for track wheels. Both work flawlessly. You know what I'm getting when OEM ones die on my cars. Great price!"